A massive earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude just hit Anchorage, Alaska and then five minutes later an aftershock of 5.8 slammed the city opening up gaping holes in the streets, crushing some buildings and sending residents to higher ground for safety.

The Alaska Earthquake Center has more detailed information on that.  We'll keep you posted on what happens with aftershocks and the tsunami that's expected.  Here's a 'Tweet' with video of how bad things are...

Seismologist say an 8.0 or larger earthquake should hit the Northwest sometime in the next three years and "The Big One" will most likely strike sometime within the next 50 years.  Both of those will cause major damage and affect thousands if not more across the entire Northwest part of the country.  If this quake hits a major city like Boise there will be mass destruction, thousands of lives lost, and a catastrophic fall out which will affect our economy, work, personal lives, and pretty much anything and everything we know of or come into contact with.  Scientists continue to research and investigate on how to best predict, prepare and react to major earthquakes.  The following has vital information necessary to keep your family as safe and as prepared as you possibly can be.

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