Preliminary reports from the United States Geological Survey, say the quake's epicenter was 72km W of Challis. 

We're seeing reports from people all over the Treasure Valley who felt the tremor. In Southeast Boise, we felt the shaking for at least 20 seconds. The 6.5 magnitude quake began at 5:52.

It's quite possible that the Treasure Valley could experience aftershocks throughout the evening. A small one shook a cabinet full of wine glasses at our apartment about half an hour after the bigger quake.

This quake happened 13 days after a 5.7 magnitude quake rocked Salt Lake City. Big Sky, MT experienced a small quake this morning as well. That one registered at 2.6.

An earthquake isn't considered major until it hits at least a 7 on the Richter scale. Idaho's last strong quake happened near Challis in 1983. That quake claimed the lives of two people.

Below are some of the social media posts people captured during tonight's quake.




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