There was a 4.2 magnitude earthquake near Stanley on Friday. The quake shook things up and caused some damage including a land slide from the top of Baron Spire.

This video is crazy and fair warning, there is some strong language in it. The commentary is harsh but probably the exact same reaction I would have had. I guess it is nicknamed "Smoothe" but officially called Baron Spire.

These hikers apparently were going to climb that mountain prior to it disintegrating. It is a really good thing they didn't go up there and it is so sad to see it gone. Watching the land literally slide into the water has to be one of the most amazing, devastating and sad things I have seen in a long time.

The earthquakes that have been hitting the area recently have been causing damage to several mountain tops in the area. I can't imagine witnessing that first hand. There is no reports of anyone being injured in the land slide, rock slide, destruction, whatever you want to call it. Thankfully those hikers were not there when this happened.

It makes me want to go up there and compare photos I had taken in the recent year. See just how different it is up there. Man, 2020 is definitely a crazy year. The good news is the area is still gorgeous.

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