When we started the discussion on our Facebook page, we got EXACTLY the answers I thought we would.

I set up the scenario that you're planning a Girls' Night Out for you and a group of your best friends here in the Treasure Valley. Where are you going and what are you doing?  The answers I got?

  • "Girls night, what's that?! LOL!"
  • "Anything that doesn't involve kids!"
  • "Just invite me, pleeeeeeease!"

The fact that women in the Treasure Valley aren't making it a priority to spend time with their female friends is depressing, but totally understandable.  Sadly, we still live in a day and age where women in Idaho women are paid 74 cents for every dollar paid to men so we're afraid to take time away from work projects that require us to work after hours to complete. If you're a mom, you always feel a little guilty handing the kids over to hubby, a sitter or your parents so that you can enjoy a glass of wine or two with the gals. It, admittedly, sounds a little irresponsible to say out loud.

But, I'm here to tell you that planning time with your girls should no longer be something optional! According to a new study out of the University of Oxford, spending time with your besties doesn't just make you happier, it can make you healthier too! During their research, the university discovered that women who make it a point to do something with their girlfriends twice a week are not only less stressed, but also recover from illness faster thanks to a stronger immune system and report feeling more generous.

That's why we asked YOU what you like to do with your girlfriends here in the Treasure Valley! Here's five fun ways to work spending time with your favorite gal pals into your schedule inspired by our listeners:

1) Paint Ceramics at Ceramica (Inspired by Dawn L.)

When Dawn's not working hard to inspire the next generation of PAs at ISU, she loves getting together with her girlfriends to paint ceramics! Ceramica in Boise carries a huge array of things to paint from piggy banks and figurines to mugs and bowls. Go in, pay one flat price for your piece and they'll provide you with all the supplies you need: paint, firing and in-studio assistance from their experts. Once it's done, you're able to pick up your creation in about a week! If you find that you love painting ceramics a little too much and are running out of space for them in your home, you can paint a bowl to donate to the Idaho Food Bank's Empty Bowls fundraiser on Black Friday at any point during the year!

2) Happy Hour Hopping at the Village (Inspired by Jamie C.)

Part of the Village's charm is the fact that there's so many dining and drink options available within just a few hundred yards of each other! That's why Jamie loves meeting up with her girls in Meridian.  She said the perfect rotation is Kona Grill for sushi and sake, Yard House for onion rings and beer and finally Matador fir margaritas and tacos. We appreciate the pro-tip!

3) Retail Therapy and Wahooz (Inspired by Tyfanie A.)

We have to hand it to Tiffany and her team in Merdian, with the addition of the Indoor Adventure Park, Wahooz is now just as much fun for adults as it is for the kids! Tyfanie loves to meet up with her girls at the fun zone after doing a little shopping.  Jumping on the Twister, braving the ropes course and taking a spin around the go-kart track is the perfect way for them to let their inner child out (since they've left their kids at home with their hubbies) before winding down with drinks and a game of bowling at Pinz!

4) Craft Night (Inspired by Sue. W)

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! We're totally with Sue on this one.  My girls and I have a craft night together at least once a month.  Some of the projects (like our letter collages and snarky potted plants) were slam dunks.  Others (like nail and string art) were so terrible that it made us drink a bottle a wine a piece.  In the end, it's always a blast and we laugh our faces off!

5) Karaoke (Inspired by Virginia S.)

Virginia's right.  There's no need to over complicate getting the girls together.  Picking a fun bar to have a few drinks at, catching up on what you've missed since the last time you were all together and singing Journey and Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs is a perfect way to de-stress!

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