The Boise Music Festival is one of my favorite events of the year, and I've got five reasons why you're gonna love it again this year too.  

The weather has been awesome the past couple of years for BMF, and we're all thinking this year will be no exception, right?  Sunny and 80 and we get to be outside all day...yes please!  There are so many reasons to be excited about June 23rd.

5 Reasons The Boise Music Festival Will Make You Happy:

1. Music ALL day.  That's the obvious.  But how often do we get mini concerts that start at 11am on a Saturday, and keep spinning out all day?  Little shots of great music all day long.  We're bringing in regional bands that will be showcasing their stuff throughout the morning and afternoon on the side stages, and local bands too.  And then the main stage artists take over late in the afternoon. The gates will open at 10am and the music will be start flowing shortly after that, running until 10pm.  Music lovers, this is your day.

2.  We'll discover new songs.  And we'll end up adding them to our personal playlists.  How much do know about Parmalee?  They had a hit called "Carolina" in 2013 that I'll hear at BMF and it will make me kick myself for not listening to it more often.   And I'll add it to the playlist on my phone and be happy that BMF reminded me that it's awesome.  There might be fifty other songs we'll hear that day that will do the same thing.

3. We'll have a blast. It's the ultimate stress-free vibe out at Expo Idaho with big groups of girlfriends hanging out, husbands and wives on a really awesome date day, kids checking out the carnival, and thousands of music fans getting the opportunity to see a huge lineup of great artists in one place on the same day instead of sitting at home and watching them on Youtube.  And the beer will be flowing, which may kick it up a notch.

4.  The vendors.  Tacos, nachos, pizza, hot dogs, and more from some great Treasure Valley concession makers.  And there will be temporary tattoos and margaritas that are taller than some of our torsos.  If you want to be a vendor and showcase your stuff, click HERE.  There's still time to get involved.

5. It's flexible.  If you have to work half the day and you get off at 2pm, come at that point.  If your kids have a softball game in the morning and a birthday party to make at 6pm, come to BMF in the middle of the day.  Just come!  It's twelve hours of fun, and we'll save a spot for you whenever you show up.  The biggest crowds stream in between 4 and 7pm and stay until 10pm when it shuts down.  Keep that in mind if you like to avoid traffic and congestion.

If you have a local band and you want to play at BMF and gain exposure to 75,000 people or more, there is still time to submit your stuff and earn a spot on stage.  BMF is taking local band submissions until May 5th.  I'm excited for you.

This will be fun!  Bring some sunscreen and make sure your smart phone is charged up for all those new social media pics.  Plan on using #BMF.

On the Main Stage:

Robin Thicke
Granger Smith
Baby Bash
Mat Kearney

Click HERE for tickets and we'll see you at Expo Idaho in Garden City on June 23rd!

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