The sad truth is that most senior pets in shelters often get overlooked because of their age. According to the ASPCA, senior dogs, for example, have a 25% adoption rate, compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs and puppies. However, these animals are just as loyal and loving as younger pets and worthy of finding a good home to live out their golden days.

Senior dogs and cats especially are great if you're looking for a laidback couch potato. Older dogs for example don't require as much exercise as a younger dog might. Plus they're also less work! Older pets have usually outgrown all the behaviors of young pets like destructive behavior, and accidents in the house. They also usually have some basic command training figured out.

Most of the time these pets were once owned and loved by someone else, but for whatever reasons they ended up in shelters in search of a new home. You could even argue that senior dogs realize how lucky they are to get adopted out of the shelter; especially if they've lived in a home and had a family in the past. They genuinely appreciate the second chance they're given and might end up being even more loyal and loving because of it. In the end, this is also such a rewarding experience for you as their rescuer.

Listed below are 5 senior pets available at the Idaho Humane Society they're looking for a happy and safe home to live out their final years.

Adoptable Senior Pets at IHS

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