We spent the weekend in Salt Lake City. As we introduced ourselves as being from Boise, people either almost brought up "The Blue" or the Forbes article that's quickly becoming our legacy. 

We were standing line to meet the cast of Boy Meets World, we started talking to the dad of the family standing in line in front of us. He said, so I read something about Boise the other day. We didn't mean to be rude, but we cut him off and asked if it had to do with out housing market being overvalued. "That's exactly what I was about to say. Is It really like that there?"

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The family was visiting from Wichita, Kansas where you can buy an almost new three bedroom, two bathroom, 1,863 square foot home for the same price as the cheapest home on the market in Boise.

As of late September, that price tag is $300,000 and let's just say that $300,000 doesn't get you anywhere near as nice of a home as the one we mentioned in Kansas. 

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What can $300,000 get you in Boise? Go ahead and take a look. These are currently the five cheapest homes on the market in Boise* in September. We're underwhelmed and discouraged by the answer.

*Our search included single family homes with a Boise zip code and less than a 40 minute commute from Downtown Boise. Homes with pending offers were excluded. 

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