Out of my way! I want to be one of the first people in line for some FREE "Half-Baked!" Free Cone Day is back at Ben & Jerry's!

The ice cream mecca on 10th Street will be scooping free cones from Noon-6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10! Have Alexa, Siri or Google set a reminder to that you don't miss out on your favorite flavor!

No seriously, when it comes to finding your favorite flavor they let us in on a dirty little secret about the popular ice cream maker! Did you know your favorite flavors may be available at one grocery store, but not the another?  It's true sometimes an Albertson's will get flavors that say a Fred Meyer won't. BUT...EVERY Ben & Jerry's flavor is available at their 10th Street Store.

Plus the free cone day supports always several local charities like Canine Companions and the WCA, who donate time to scooping through signing up celebrity scoopers!

BTW...Ben & Jerry's does ice cream cakes too!  Who knew?! If it's someone specials birthday, you should totes pick one up for them.

Make sure you follow the Boise shop on Instagram to see the fun, games and contests they have going on throughout the day!

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