The bigger Boise gets, the more businesses consider opening their first Treasure Valley location. We asked which businesses you hoped would come to Boise in 2022 and this is what you told us! 

It's hard to believe that a decade ago Boise didn't have a standalone Chick-Fil-A. Until October 2012, the only location was located inside Boise State. The Treasure Valley didn't get to taste Panera until 2015 when the first location in Nampa opened. Whole Foods opened their first store in 1980, but didn't come to Boise until 2012. Trader Joe's? They opened their first store in 1967, but wouldn't come to Idaho's capital city until 2014.

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Leading up to those grand openings, Boise residents had their fingers crossed that one day those brands would call the Treasure Valley home and it actually happened.

Could it happen for these brands too? We sure hope so! After all, when we put together our 2021 list you told us that you'd do just about anything to get a Top Golf or a Scheels in our neck of the woods. It's like our listeners manifested it, because both of those businesses announced they were moving forward with plans to open in the Treasure Valley in the coming years.

What would you like to see this year? We surveyed our listeners and this is what you told us!

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