I'm rarely the person that you'll hear running around telling everyone that it's my birthday month, but there are a few things I look forward to every February!

It's no secret that I basically live at the Downtown Old Chicago.  My husband and I have been so busy that we've let them take care of the cooking multiple nights a week this month. The servers there are basically family at this point and they're going to give me a FREE PIZZA for my birthday in February! Awe, I feel so loved...

...ok, but the truth is, they'll give everyone a FREE PIZZA on their birthday if you sign up for their OC Rewards program and they're not the only business in the Treasure Valley hooking you up with freebies for your big day! I won't be able to use many of my freebies on my birthday this February (don't feel bad for me, it's because I'll be in Hawaii) but I dug up where you can get treated if you've got a birthday coming up!

Many of these require you to sign up for their e-mail club...but hey, free stuff! You might as well create a Gmail account specifically to catch deals like this!

Applebee's: Free dessert on your birthday when you sign up for "News from the Neighborhood."

Baskin-Robbins: Free ice cream cone when you sign up for their Birthday Club.

Denny's: No sign-up required here.  If you go in on your actual birthday and show, you get a free Grand Slam.

Dutch Bros: This is the worst kept secret in the Treasure Valley! You knew you get a free drink there!

IHOP: Judge me all you want.  There are few foods that spark more joy in my life than the "Chocolate Chip Funny Face" pancake on IHOP's Kid's Menu...and yes, I still order it my 30s. You get a bigger portion of pancakes when you sign-up for MyHop though! Not only do you get free pancakes on your birthday, you'll get them the day you sign-up and every anniversary of signing up.

Jack in the Box: My birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, so I feel like this was meant for me! Sign-up for their loyalty program and get free tacos on your b-day!

Joe's Crab Shack: Joe's always brings back great memories for me! As a reward for qualifying for the State Track & Field meet, our coach would treat us to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack...meaning we got to spend our money on slightly inappropriate Joe's gear like PJ pants that said "got crabs?" (I still have mine. Go away Marie Kondo, they still spark joy.) When you sign up for Joe's Catch, you get a free appetizer and another on your birthday.

Krispy Kreme: As if we didn't already love Krispy Kreme enough for what they're doing for the DeLeone family, you can get a free donut there on your birthday when you sign up for their rewards program.

Longhorn: Free dessert on your birthday when you sign-up for their rewards program.

Noodles and Company: I'm still mourning the fact that our neighborhood lost our Noodles and Company when the new Albertsons wanted them out, but there's still plenty of them left around the Treasure Valley. Sign up for NoodlesREWARDS and get a free Rice Crispy Treat on your birthday or up to two weeks after!

Old Chicago: I already told you about this one. The amount they give you to spend on your birthday pizza is very, very generous and they'll periodically send you free apps and discount codes through out the year when you sign up for OC Rewards.

Olive Garden: If you still have room at the end of your meal, you can get a dessert worth up to $8.50 through their rewards program.

PF Chang's: You call the shots after signing up for their rewards program. Free app or free dessert on your b-day, you decide!

Red Box: Sign-up for Redbox Play Pass and you can watch a movie on them for your birthday night! You also get a free night DVD rental for signing up!

Red Robin: I go primarily for the steak fries, but the burgers are rad too! During your birthday month, you can choose one of their 24 gourmet burgers for free as part of their "royalty" program.

Sephora: Become a Beauty Insider and get a free gift on your birthday.

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