Do We Need Labeled Socks?
I made a quick trip to Seattle this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday, and in my haste to pack, forgot my socks.  I picked up these new ones, and noticed a strange feature.
I Can't Believe My Son Is 8 TOday
It always sounded like one of those somewhat empty cliches, how "time flies by" as your kids are growing up.  Nope, I get it, it is actually very true.  My son turned eight today.
My Birthday Present
Each year for my birthday I enjoy my present, getting the house decorated for Christmas.  This year while I moved our 29 year old Palomino to the a stall on the south side of the barn, Brenda made the house festive.
It's the best present I can have, knowing that even though our budget is ti…
Just Have to Say No
This is my sweet Piper, who turned 4 yesterday.  Think I'm in trouble? Yes, I agree.  Kids are so easy until they start getting personalities, ornery streaks, thoughts and opinions!
Check out what Piper wanted for her birthday this year.  It was an idea that just had to be squashe…