Boise's not exactly the big city. Sure, we're experiencing growth faster than our current roads can keep up with and that contributes to traffic problems. But overall? We can't complain too much when you compare commute times.

Even with the growth and increased traffic, explains the average one-way commute in Boise takes 18.4 minutes. We're saving eight minutes compared to the commutes in Portland and nine compared to Portland. Nationwide, the average commute time is 26.4 minutes.

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So, we may not be able to complain about commute times in the Treasure Valley, but there are plenty of other things that drive us nuts behind the wheel. We polled our listeners to find them out exactly what they find themselves frustrated about behind the wheel.

Quite honestly, we're SHOCKED that not one of you said the amount of road construction! It seems like they've been widening I-84 in Canyon County for about 107 years. With all the new hotels and other buildings going up in Downtown Boise, you're bound to run into road closures with little to no heads up that they're coming. If we see one more orange cone we're going to lose it.

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We're also surprised that geese bringing traffic to a screeching halt because they feel like 5 p.m. is the perfect time to waltz from Julia Davis Park to the Winco parking lot weren't among your biggest pet peeves. They deserve an honorable mention.

When we tallied up all the comments, these were the 10 things that made you want to rip your hair out over while behind the wheel.

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