If a rooftop cafe has to be close, January is probably a good time for it.  Zee's Rooftop in Downtown Boise is undergoing changes and upgrades, and they'll return later this month with that Adult Grilled Cheese and the Atomic Wedgie, plus lots more.

Zee's rooftop is expanding the menu while they're working on putting in new counter tops and adding fresh paint this month. Hopefully the Veggie Pita, and the BLAT are back when they re-open, and all of the usual favs, right?  (The BLAT is a BLT Avocado.)  Soups and the sandwich board have made Zee's a go-to lunch spot for a lot of people who work downtown, and they'll try to keep that going plus add some new menu items too.

Thousands of people were in and out of the restaurant last year for lunches and special events, and that took a toll on the space.  Boise Weekly says Zee's needed to take some time to freshen up, and this was the only time during the year that it was possible.  The restaurant closed January 1st, and it's closed through the 14th.

Zee's will host a party to celebrate the renovations and the new menu, along with its fifth birthday on Friday, Feb. 2nd.  They're planning an event with trivia, bingo, music, food, and a raffle benefiting Chef Zee's Corks 4 A Cure program, which promotes recycling.

Boise Weekly also says the youth and adult cooking lessons will begin in February, and they'll have yoga this summer, along with dance and photography classes on the patio.  So there's plenty to look forward to later this year.

Zee's Rooftop is at 250 South 5th Street, Penthouse, and they'll be open for lunch Monday through Friday starting January 15th.

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