Think back to one of your most memorable early childhood moments. Just remembering it give us the warm-fuzzies, doesn't it? What if I told you that what you're thinking about is likely not the real story. In fact, it's probably just your imagination. 


When I think back to when I was really little, I remember waking up from a nap around dusk. There were lamps on in my living room but it had that dim, cozy feel. My mom was ironing clothes so I could smell the steam and fresh dryer sheets. Whenever I recall that moment, I get a good feeling.


I'm probably lying to you right now. It may not have even happened.


Considerable research has been done on memories (specifically false memories from childhood) and it was discovered that we create a moment based on photographs we've seen, stories that have been told to us about a particular time and even storylines from books read to us as a child.


That freaks me out! What is real anymore?


Comment with your memory and then take a minute to think about it. Could it possibly be a figment of your imagination or even someone else's story?


See the story for yourself HERE.

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