Kipplinger's magazine, just released their annual job growth edition and guess which state tops the list for job growth? Surprise!

OK, maybe it's not such a big surprise considering how many lists Idaho and Boise itself have made over the past few years. This is a good list because it' means there will be competition for qualified workers in the state, which means that pay should also be increasing with the job growth. (Let's keep our fingers crossed right?)

This is some of what Kipplinger's had to say about Idaho's job growth prospects:

"The Gem State is home to booming tech and aerospace industries, as well as military bases that boost spending in surrounding areas. And as Idaho attracts more residents from other states, companies both old and new are expanding here: wireless data company Candlepoint Technologies is growing quickly in Boise, and agribusiness firm JR Simplot will hire 600 for a new processing plant in nearby Kuna.  Micron, will add 200 jobs in Boise when its plant expansion is completed in early 2017. Yogurt maker Chobani is expanding its plant in Twin Falls. And San Francisco based American Food Equipment is building a new manufacturing facility in Caldwell."

Keep in mind that for every job added by one of these companies, studies show that three to four more jobs in support industries are also added to the economy.
2016 job growth: 3.5% ....(National average is 1.8%)

New jobs in 2016: 23,580

Unemployment rate by year-end 2016: 3.8% ...(National average is 5%)

Check out more facts and figures in the link below and see all the top states for job growth. Three of our neighboring states are also ranked in the top ten