At 19, Stanford sophomore Elizabeth Holmes decided that her tuition could be used for a greater purpose than putting her through school. Her goal was to revolutionize healthcare. What she developed will positively impact almost all of our lives in the future. 


Now worth $4.5 billion and not yet 30 years old, Elizabeth Holmes has followed through on what she passionately shared with her chemical engineering professor when asking if he could help her with and idea she had. Holmes said, "I want to create a whole new technology, and one that is aimed at helping humanity at all levels regardless of geography or ethnicity or age or gender."


Fast forward to now where Holmes has created technology making blood tests nothing more than a finger prick. There is hardware and software that allow for blood tests to be done by pricking someone's finger and storing the blood in a tiny vial called a nanotainer.


Why is this something Elizabeth Holmes is passionate about? She learned that about half of all Americans do not get their blood work done because of fear or simply passing out. Also, this new way of testing will:

  • eliminate pain
  • become cheaper
  • will be accessible in more places (not just doctor's offices)
  • more efficient as the same drop of blood can be used for multiple tests.
  • yield test results within four hours


Holmes' company, Theranos, is worth $9 billion. She owns 50% which puts her worth at $4.5 billion.


Look for Theranos technology at Walgreens, their new partner.


Pretty dang cool, right?

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