The stage for February 7 is set. Tampa Bay vs Kansas City. You know the office bookie will be visiting your desk today asking you how many squares you want in the pool for the big game. 

You'll chuckle and say something like "Didn't I just give you $10 for Mega Millions tickets last week?" before opening up your wallet and forking over more cash for your office's football squares game. Your team might not be in the game, but at least being on the grid makes it more exciting!

Our winners have been finalized! Here's the squares you're playing with on Sunday night. Remember you were only able to win TWO squares per person in this game.

KXLT Party Pool Final

Winners at the end of the first, second and third quarters will win free lunch from Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill! The listener in the square for the final score will go home with a $200 Target gift card!

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