The list of colleges that will require students to be vaccinated before August is growing by the day, but will Boise State be on it?

Most colleges already require vaccinations against measles, mumps, and rubella, and those are viral.  There are hundreds of colleges and universities around the country that are adding a COVID-19 vaccine to that list, but Boise State is NOT among them.

Boise State posts this on its website:

Will a vaccination be required to be on campus?
No. There is no plan to require our students, faculty or staff to be vaccinated before returning to campus or to be on campus. However, as we are in the midst of an ever-changing global pandemic, we are subject to changes in state and/or federal infectious disease policies.

According to, there are zero colleges in Idaho that are requiring students to get the COVID vaccine at this point.  None!  California has more than 35 college systems that are requiring it, and if you count each individual University of California campus, it's more than 50 locations that are making the vaccine card necessary.  In Washington, there are 16 colleges with mandatory vaccinations, and in Oregon, there are 13 campuses that have the vax requirement.

With restrictions and mask requirements lifting all the time, it seems unlikely that Boise State would have to revisit the idea of requiring the vaccine so the no-vax-required strategy will probably stick.  Things are opening up, not shutting down, and that's creating freedom of choice for students at Boise State.

Last fall, there were almost 20,000 students attending Boise State, and that was the highest enrollment since 2012.  We don't know how many students will return to campus fully vaccinated this fall, but based on Idaho numbers, it seems like several thousand would be a safe guess.  School starts on August 23.

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