I often wonder how dangerous leaving a boarding pass on a plane after I used it really is.  This is why I'll never do it again.

If you've ever traveled back toward the East Coast to visit family for the holidays, you know that it's near impossible to find a direct flight to your final destination.  I got really lucky this year and only have one connecting flight coming to and from Cleveland so that cuts down on the amount of paper I'm fumbling with on the other side of the security gate.  Call me old school, but I like having a hard copy of my boarding passes just incase my phone or Apple Watch takes a dump and the virtual one isn't available.

How many times have you made it to security, gotten through your gate, sat down and stuffed that boarding pass in the seat pocket without thinking twice? Depending on how stressed you are by the holiday travel, you even forget to take it out when you deplane. Upon first glance, you'd think it's no big deal because really the only personal information that's on there is your first and last name...possibly our middle initial.  That's not enough to steal my identity, right?


According to Luxury and Glamour it turns out you can learn A LOT about a person from the boarding pass they left behind.  Check out this video from the USA Today to find out what's at risk and how much information really lives on that little piece of paper.

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