If you were to ask Brenda "What's wrong with me." she would answer "What isn't." Hey it is an easier answer. But last week I had surgery to remove a tumor type thing from the third finger on my right hand.  It was gross, bloody and hurt like H. E. double toothpicks.


Wednesday I get the honor of getting inguinal hernia surgery.  Last year during a couple of events, I managed to pull a couple things and create a hernia, so at least it was during an athletic event when I did it.

I did my research, upped my insurance to the best I could get, and just can't wait for Wednesday morning, when I get to be on the radio with no caffeine, food or pretty well sleep. See how much you would sleep knowing you are about to be put under, cut open and have a foreign object stitched to your innards.  Makes it sound like so much fun doesn't it.

So any of you who've had "Inguinal Hernia Surgery" drop me a line and let me know anything the doctors won't tell me....like they are going to implant me with a chip that will let the government know where, what, when and how I'm doing, kind of like Brenda on a regular basis.  Face it, cell phones weren't made for us to be able to keep in touch, they were designed so you can be tracked, every moment of every day.  Shoot the Ruskies don't need to spy on us, they can see everything on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I'll have someone get a shot of me with my coming out of surgery face, supposedly I smiled allot last time.

Kevin Mee

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