For some, today is just another part of a long Independence Day Weekend.  For others, we're back to work for a day.  Either way, I hope your weekend was as good as mine. 

I had my son this weekend and we had ton of chores to complete.  From laundry, to cleaning up his room, mowing the lawn, fertilizing, grocery shopping, all the exciting stuff.

I was proud of my kiddo as he worked hard to get the toys that magically spread to almost every room of the house rounded up and relocated back to his bedroom.  I got to work on the laundry and yard, and we both made good progress.

Connell - Shave Ice

It was warm enough that a stop for some shave ice (is that really the right way to say it?  I would have expected shaved ice would be correct but it seems the dominant use is shave ice), so we made a stop there, and then decided that even though we weren't headed to camp for the Fourth of July, we could do our own backyard camp out.

Connell - Tent Colton Making Bed

Knowing it was only going to dip down to about 70 degrees, we decided to skip the sleeping bags, and the kiddo decided to set up our bedding.

We grilled burgers, and waited for the sun to go down.  As we were settling in we noticed we had an additional guest (thankfully outside the tent).

Connell - Tent Spider

As the sun set, we called it a night, and really great weekend.  I hope yours was great too!

Connell - Boys ready for bed

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