Growing up, you thought your dad was Mr. Fix It. If something broke, dear old dad could put it back together or make it work again. As an adult, you realized he was just really good with duct tape and the can with a thousand uses! 

At least that’s how we remember our childhood. Squeaky swing set? Dad made it stop making that high pitch squeaky noise with a couple sprays of WD-40. Key wouldn’t turn in the lock in the garage? WD-40. Zipper on our snowpants wouldn’t go up? WD-40. 

YouTube/WD-40 Company
YouTube/WD-40 Company

From loosening up stuck bolts to preventing rust to keeping snow from building up on your shovel, the number of uses for WD-40 seem infinite but none of those are why the famous blue and yellow can is flying off the shelf in Idaho this fall. Apparently, WD-40 can help your jack-o-lantern fresh and keep it from getting mushy. If you carved them over the weekend, it might be worth trying. According to Good Housekeeping, carved pumpkins only last three to five days. 

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The company behind WD-40 shared this tip on the product’s website: 

After you’re done carving, spray your pumpkin with a light coating of WD-40 Multi-Use Product. Not only does it grant extra shine, but the coating will help the pumpkin last a bit longer and delay the onset of decay.

Some people say that the multipurpose spray will also keep bugs from trying to munch on your work of art. 

Boise’s temperatures this week might be another good reason to try the WD-40 hack. Smithsonian Magazine explains that temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s are ideal for displaying jack-o-lanterns outside. If your pumpkin freezes and then starts to thaw, that could speed up the timeline for it rotting. 

A Word of Caution

Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem on Unsplash
Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem on Unsplash

WD-40 is flammable. If you plan on lighting up your pumpkin, it would be wise to use an LED candle instead of an open flame. WD-40’s manufacturer reminds you NOT to spray it around a lit candle. 

Much like bleach, another method for preserving pumpkins, the multipurpose spray can be dangerous to wildlife. If you live in a neighborhood that attracts a lot of deer, squirrels or bunnies, you may want to consider a safer option. The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests spraying your jack-o-lantern with a solution of one part vinegar to one part water. This apparently helps kill bacteria and fungal spores that want to grow on your carved pumpkin. 

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