Every day we're told the number of new cases of COVID-19, the number of total COVID-19 cases in Idaho and the number of people we've lost to the pandemic. The one number everyone's looking for? How many Idahoans have recovered from the virus. 

Unfortunately, of the many stats that the official Idaho Coronavirus website provides us with on a daily basis, that's not one of the numbers they offer. We do know that 66 year-old Chris Waters is among the Idahoans who have conquered COVID-19. According to a post on St. Luke's Facebook page, she was admitted to St. Luke's Nampa on March 26 and spent 14 days on a ventilator as her body battled the virus. On Friday, April 10 she triumphantly walked out of the ICU with a sign on her walker proudly reading "Me: 1 COVID-19: 0." A second sign read "Thank you for saving my life. You all are God's chosen ones. Great job everyone!"

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She was discharged the next day.

As I sit and wait for my mom to be released after beating COVID-19, this video gives me so much hope!


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