The Gem State is now in Stage 2 of the Idaho Rebounds plan. There are some really divided opinions about whether or not re-opening Idaho is the right move right now and it's made for some pretty ugly content on social media.

That's why we wanted to brighten your news feed with something very sweet. We've been out doing Birthday parades for kiddos who can't have parties with their friends for a little over three weeks. These little ones are missing their friends, their teachers and are having a hard time understanding what a pandemic is.

8-year-old Olive is one of those kids. She understood that it was important to not have her friends over right now, but after the "Stay Home" order was issued she wanted a straight answer as to when they could have a sleepover again so she went straight to the top. She called the governor's office to ask when she'd be allowed to have sleepovers again.

Under Stage 2, public and private gatherings of less than 10 with appropriate physical distancing and precautionary measures are observed are now considered acceptable. That sounds doable for a sleepover, so Governor Little called Olive back to deliver the good news!

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