Couponing is time-consuming and difficult for those (me) who can't completely grasp the concept. I can't think far enough ahead to know that I'll want 30 cans of soup when I'm really shopping for laundry detergent. I had no idea that all you have to do is email a company and they'll send you a coupon. It's like personalized couponing! Here's what to do:


Browse the ads in the Sunday paper (RedPlum, Smart Saver, etc) and see what's on sale. If you have enough time, go to the company websites of the products you want that are on sale. You can double up on coupons most times.


We really need a class on this, don't we?


We're talkin' Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Burt's Bees, Keebler, Hot Pockets, Glad and more. Couponers  United has compiled a list with links. Just click and go. How easy is that?

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