There’s no doubt that this summer has been well…expensive!

Facebook/The Capri Restaurant in Boise and in Meridian
Facebook/The Capri Restaurant in Boise and in Meridian

Gas prices were over $5 for a pretty significant amount of the summer. Parents were expected to spend 8% more on back-to-school shopping this year. According to Fortune, parents were expected to spend $661 per child on back-to-school clothes and supplies. Thanks to record high inflation, we’re all spending more. But as prices go up, do you know what doesn’t? Many Boise residents’ paychecks! 

That’s why many of us have cut back on some “extras” that we enjoy doing during summer break. Maybe you didn’t take that annual road trip to McCall. Maybe the only time you took the kids to Roaring Springs was after you won free passes from the radio station. Maybe the money you wanted to spend on Backstreet Boys tickets for yourself went toward replacing the bike that your child outgrew since last summer. 

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You’ve made some sacrifices this year, including cutting back on how much you’re eating out. But let’s face it, some days at the office are long. By the time you get home, you really don’t have any energy left to cook for the family. It would be so much easier to pick up takeout from somewhere or treat the family to dinner somewhere other than your own home. 

You work hard and you deserve that simple pleasure every now and then, so we dug up the 10 top-rated restaurants for “Cheap Eats” according to Yelp! Not only are these restaurants affordable, but they’ve also appeared on many of our other “Boise Eats” lists for the quality of their food and service.

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Looking for good eats without breaking the bank? According to Yelp, these are 10 places you should check out in Boise!

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