When rumors of Walmart Plus started swirling earlier this year, people called it a potential competitor for Amazon Prime.

After months of anticipation, Walmart finally introduced their new subscription service on Tuesday, September 1. At $98 a year, many say it's the big box giant's attempt to lure costumers away from Amazon Prime, but their chief customer officer, Janey Whiteside, tells CNET that Walmart+ is meant to be "the ultimate lifehack" for their customers. It's not meant to be a direct competitor with any existing service.

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After taking a deeper look at the perks that Walmart Plus offers, we can see why Whiteside would say that. The service lacks anything that compares to Prime Video which proved to be one of the most loved streaming services while most of the country was in lockdown. When you divide out the price difference between the two services Prime Video is costing you about $1.75 a month. Quite frankly, with the amount of series and movies we watch on there it's worth paying a little more for the $119 yearly subscription.

But we'll admit that Walmart Plus has some cool perks. It expands on (and rebrands) the Delivery Unlimited program that allowed subscribers to get their groceries delivered same day. With Walmart Plus, that same day service for over 160,000 items including not just groceries, but toys, tech and essentials.

Walmart Plus subscribers will also save when they fill up for a road trip. Your subscription also gets you up to five cents off per gallon at Walmart Fuel Center. We've got four of those from Boise to Nampa.

If you hate lines, you'll like their Scan & Go option for subscribers. You'll have access to part of the app that lets you self checkout and pay without having to wait in line for a cashier or self check out kiosk.

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