Back in 2010, Ian Somerhalder brought pizza to share with Jimmy Kimmel. That pizza happened to be from Idaho and was the brunt of a joke from the late night host. 


At the time, Somerhalder's brother-in-law owned McClain's Pizza in Hailey. Somerhalder made a pizza there and had it shipped to Los Angeles. During the interview Kimmel joked "Idaho is known for its pizza." Obviously, the late night host was making the joke because when it comes to food, Idaho is no doubt best known for its potatoes...but the truth is we have some really good pizza here.

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When you find your favorite pizza joint, it's easy to get stuck in a pattern when you order the same pizza from the same restaurant every time someone says "let's just order a pizza." And we get it. It's tough to pull us away from the Tuscan Chicken Pizza on cauliflower crust at Old Chicago. (Don't knock it until you try it. It tastes JUST like their regular thin crust pizza.) But getting stuck in a routine is depriving you from sampling someone killer pizzas!

We have some really fantastic pizza in Idaho, many of those fantastic pies are right here in the Treasure Valley! From New York Style to Deep Dish and beyond, it's all within minutes of your door.

Of all of the amazing choices we have in the Treasure Valley, we wanted to know which pizza shops you thought were underrated and deserved more attention. These were the 10 you couldn't stop raving about!

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