This isn't a Fast & Furious sequel, but if this proposal passes you will be seeing big rigs at higher speeds in Idaho.

You see the signs all over Idaho freeways. Speed limit signs with two separate numbers: One for regular drivers, another for semi-truck drivers. In every instance, the speed limit for most vehicles is significantly higher than for truckers. That may be changing soon.

The proposal from House Transportation Chairman Joe Palmer is set to remedy large trucks impairing other drivers from traveling at posted speeds:

I’ve seen lots of times when people get held up behind the trucks, can’t move, can’t get around. [I've spoken to police officers who've} said it would be a lot easier … just to have one speed limit.

The max speed on rural interstates in Idaho is 80mph, while most trucks are currently only allowed to travel at 65-70mph. No word yet on when the proposal would take effect, if it indeed does pass.



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