Order something from Amazon that didn't quite work out for you?  Sending them back to the online retailer is about to get a heck of a lot easier. 

Let's be honest most of use have purchased something online thinking we'd looked at the size chart correctly and when it arrived it totally didn't fit.  Or maybe you ordered you accidentally ordered a case for the wrong model smartphone.  How many times have you kept these unwanted items because you didn't want to go through the hassle of boxing them back up, printing the shipping label and dropping off at UPS or FedEx?

Starting in July, you won't have to worry about repacking those returns because Treasure Valley Kohl's stores are expanding their partnership with Amazon! According to TechCrunch, a pilot program that Amazon has been running with 100 of their locations has been so successful that they're bringing it to all Kohl's locations this summer. Once the expansion is complete, you'll be be able to drop off your unwanted Amazon purchase at Kohl's without the box and they'll ship it back for FREE - no questions asked about why you didn't want it.  (In the case of the Spirograph I "wined and Primed," I'm thankful for that.)

When you consider how many brick and mortar stores have folded due to an increase in online shopping on sites like Amazon, this is a pretty unique partnership and one that could benefit Kohl's in the long run.  Chances are once someone drops off their return, they'll take a few minutes to look around and purchase something inside the store.  Based on an earlier poll that something would most likely be clothes as 59% of our audience said they do NO clothes shopping online.

The new Kohl's/Amazon returns program is expected to begin in July.

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