On Thanksgiving Day, your home is full of wonderful, mouth-watering smells. While you load up your plates with delicious Thanksgiving sides, your dog hopes that something tasty will fall from your plate.

That or that your kids that are picky eaters will slip the foods they don’t want to eat under the table for Fido to enjoy. When pets are sniffing around the table, it’s only natural to want to share a table scrap or two with them but should you?

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When it comes to Thanksgiving foods, the Idaho Humane Society says you should proceed with caution. Certain Thanksgiving foods can make your pets sick to their stomachs or cause more dangerous symptoms like kidney failure and seizures. They shared a comprehensive list of “not dog-friendly” foods and we dug a little deeper into each category to find out exactly WHY those foods are dangerous to dogs. 

Photo by Dominik QN on Unsplash
Photo by Dominik QN on Unsplash

You’ll find those foods below. If your pet DOES get into one of these foods and you're concerned for their well-being, WestVet is open and provides emergency pet care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving weekend doesn't require a trip to the veterinarian, but if you want to keep their emergency number nearby it's 208-375-1600.

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