Topgolf is coming to Meridian. The construction is fully underway and the company is hoping to have construction complete and have people playing by the holidays.

Topgolf only has a few locations around the country but has been eyeing the Boise area for quite a while before finally being able to come to an agreement on a the land.

Here are pictures of the current construction. Then keep scrolling to see what locals are saying about it and finally what it will look like when it is all done.

TopGolf Construction Photos and Update for Boise's Latest Entertainment Space

Topgolf has an impressive sports bar, TVs inside and outside, and fantastic food and drinks. Outside they combine a golf driving range with targets to make it a fun interactive and challenging game for all. The massive construction project has been developing in Meridian, just off of Eagle road along 84.

There is a pretty mixed response from local residents of good and bad, here are what people are saying:

Kristy G. - Eye sore. More and more structures going up that are removing the once beautiful views.

Pablo Y. - Kristy Giles it looks pretty cool, I see everyday on my way to work and back and it’s awesome

Dalton H. - I think they will wish it was a 3 story or more. It's gonna be really crowded, that being said I am excited for it

Bill M. - Thought it was flag poles. It's a bit distracting

Greg G. - Odd that it’s only two stories… most are 3+

Steve B. - Lost the corn maze for that?! - Reply: Paige N. - Steve Baker corn maze is still around! They moved to Kuna to have more space!

Josh S. - I guess building more affordable housing was to much to ask unbelievable!

Marie M.B. - My husband is the electrician on the job

Elizabeth P. - Loreal Christina Brandt so awesome!!

Rick K. - Excited about top golf however much more of an eyesore then I had imagined.

Kristin Y. - Eric Collins small version of top golf. Go big or go home is my opinion. Kind of disappointing.

Matt T. - Excited to go ! Hopefully the freeway noise isn’t too bad, Being so close

D.j. J. - Sweet! I can’t wait to go

Andy S. - I remember it like it was 5months ago. That use to be all farm land.

Joe M. - Eye sore

Eric C. - @Angela S. this is what's going in there...

Tony B. - It's not big enough...

Here are pictures of what a completed TopGolf looks like and very similar to what the finished Idaho location will look like. The Meridian location as noted is two stories and not three like this one but you certainly get the idea.

TopGolf Tucson, Photo by Nikki West
TopGolf Tucson, Photo by Nikki West

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