Normally, I don't bring my wallet with me into the studio but today's a different story! It's Cyber Monday and there's shopping to do! 

Last night, I went down the rabbit hole reading about "cashback programs" and how to save even more when you're doing your Cyber Monday shopping.  Basically what I walked away with was an understanding that a lot of retailers, like Amazon, will actually throw you a little cash by referring friends to shop with them.

How's it done? They give you an "affiliate link" to share with people you know.  When people click the link it takes them to the normal Amazon store front.  Everything looks the same and the prices are identical to what you'd see without clicking the link, but there's a little cookie following your friends that tells Amazon that you sent them.  If your friends buy something, you get a little kickback for your help.

Sounds cool, right? We thought so too, so we set up our affiliate link not to line my, Jen or Jeff's pockets...but to benefit Treasure Valley who need a little hope during the holidays, through LITE-FM's Christmas Wish powered by Pioneer Federal Credit Union! Shop these awesome deals (or buy anything on Amazon) when you click HERE and we'll get a little cash back to help put smile son the face of people who could use a little magic this season!

  • Image via Amazon/Amazon
    Image via Amazon/Amazon

    Amazon Echo Dot

    List Price: $49.99, Your Price: $29.99

    Total Savings: $20

    We have an older version of the Echo Dot in our living room.  I don't entirely understand how to use it yet, but my fiance is a pro! Amazon's sale is on the newest Alexa enabled Echo Dot that lets you make calls, send messages, play games, listen to music, control items in you household like fans, lights and locks and even call an Uber.  To do all of those things for just $30? Seems like a screaming deal to me!

  • Image via Amazon/Amazon
    Image via Amazon/Amazon

    Amazon Fire Tablet

    List price: $49.99, Your Price: $29.99

    Total Savings: $20

    When my friends tell me that tablets are now a required "school supply" for their elementary school aged kiddos, I'm dumbfounded.  If you've got a little one that's about that age, this is the perfect time to get them their first tablet! These tablets are small enough to fit in their backpacks and are more durable than the more expensive iPad! It's got access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, eBooks and more!

    Personally, I love my Fire Tablet for holiday travel.  It takes anywhere from 7-12 hours for me to make it across the country to get home to my family in Ohio.  That's the only time of the year where I have enough quiet time to read a book.  I love being able to download a bunch of them to my Fire Tablet instead of trying to make room for multiple books in my already stuffed carry-on!

  • Image via Amazon/ANCHEER
    Image via Amazon/ANCHEER

    Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

    List Price: $999.99, Your Price: $579.99

    Total Savings: $423

    I didn't realize just how many people in the Treasure Valley mountain biked until I started mixing more trail runs into my training program! Every time that I'm on the trails in the Military Reserve, I run into some sort of pack of mountain bikers.  Sometimes, it's a group of adults getting in a post work ride.  Other times, it's a group of young cyclists and their coaches learning how to handle steep terrain.

    If you fall under one of those categories, you have to check out this deal!  According to KTVB, CNET and Forbes have given this specific electric mountain bike their top ratings!

  • Image via Amazon/TVS
    Image via Amazon/TVS

    TVS Natura Nonstick Cookware Set

    List Price: $399.99, Your Price: $159.99

    Total Savings: $240

    I wish I would've taken people more seriously when I first moved out on my own and gotten a great set of cookware.  Instead, I went for a not so great discount of non-stick cookware.  7 years later, that non-stick coating is almost gone and it's not surprising to have something I'm cooking burn because of that.  Don't be me!

    Take advantage of this deal and get a set that includes a 5-year guarantee for the price of a "just ok" cookware set you could grab at Walmart or Costco!

  • Image via Amazon/iClever
    Image via Amazon/iClever

    iClever Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

    List Price: $59.99, Your Price: $23.99

    Total Savings: $36

    When Apple eliminated the headphone input on their newer models, there was public outrage. I never understood why because I LOVE having wireless headphones! No cords to get untangle.  No chance of it getting caught on my elbow and yanking out of my ear while I'm running.  No reason for me to wear my phone around my upper arm rather than stashing it around my waist in my flip belt. What's not to love?

    If you're looking for your first set of Bluetooth headphones to workout with, these are a less expensive option than getting the Apple Earpods or Beats X headphones.  With 93% of it's Amazon reviewers giving these headphones a 5 star rating, you'll love having these!

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