You read that correctly! With Lottery Fever hitting an all time high, tonight's Mega Millions Drawing now sits at a whopping $1 BILLION! 

Chances are the "office bookie" has already gotten in contact with you to see if you'd like to play in the office lottery pool. Of course, you bought in. Deep down, you have this gut feeling that if you didn't, your co-workers would buy the winning ticket.

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That nightmare has played out in your head so many times. On Monday, they'd be working out the finer details of splitting up the $739.6 million lump sum before saying their final farewells as they clock out for the last time. That, of course, leaves you as the only person left in the office because you didn't cough up the money to play.

This $1 billion jackpot is the second largest Mega Millions Jackpot in history. The largest jackpot hit $1.573 billion in October of 2018. The single winning ticket was sold in South Carolina.

Here's some other fun Mega Millions Trivia to brush up on while we wait for tonight's drawing:

  • The Mega Millions originally debuted as "The Big Game" in 1996.
  • Idaho didn't start offering Mega Millions as a lottery game until January 31, 2010.
  • In the Mega Million's almost 11 year history in Idaho, only one Idahoan had a winning jackpot ticket. That ticket was sold to Holly Lahti of Rathdrum and she had to split the $380 million jackpot with a couple in Washington state who had also matched all five numbers plus the Mega Ball.
  • Idaho did have a Match 5 winner in July 2020. Because the ticket included the Megaplier option, the ticket's winning value jumped to $4 million. That ticket was sold in Oneida County.
  • The last time someone hit the Mega Millions jackpot was on September 15, 2020. The winning ticket for the $120 million prize was sold in Racine, Wisconsin

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