Today is the day! Whether you're wondering where you can still purchase eclipse glasses, what the best time for optimal viewing is, or even how to take pictures of the eclipse, we have everything you need to know!

Wondering when the eclipse will be overhead? Browse all times to find your optimal viewing schedule.

Looking to last-minute road trip? This map will show you exactly where you can be in totality, and what percentage of totality you are from any zip code!

Did you hold off on buying glasses every time you went to the store? You're not alone! Find out where you can still find your glasses.

Wondering how to do it and if it will ruin your cell phone? Find out!

Totality will only last 90 seconds, but you may be surprised to find out how long the eclipse will actually be visible for!

Wondering where you can check out the eclipse without totality? Bogus Basin and others are hosting events for those in the 99.6% locations.

Make sure your eyes are protected, by ensuring you don't use one of these pairs of glasses during the eclipse!

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