Over the last few weeks, we've been following the influx of tourists who are coming for the total eclipse on Monday.  Another result of the unusual demand?  Hotel prices are insane! 

If you happen to have family or friends who have made a last-minute decision to come to Idaho for the eclipse, they will likely be forever grateful if you offer them the guestroom, the floor in the family room, or even a tent in your backyard.  If not, they're going to be paying some VERY high prices for lodging.

I was in the checkout line at Albertsons and overheard a conversation about trying to lock down a last-minute hotel room here in Boise.  The hotel would usually cost about $100 per night.  The rate these people said they found was $600 per night.

That seemed to be a little high to me - even knowing prices are jumping way up for the eclipse all over the state - since we have a great view but not the complete 100% totality here in the Treasure Valley.

I took a look using Orbitz, Priceline, and a couple other travel sites, and found that price jump was not only possible, but also highly likely.

I did a little additional research and found the Idaho Statesman had taken a look at this yesterday.  They found the Cottonwood Suites along the river charging $543 per night, the Super 8 at the Airport at $520 per night, and the Holiday Inn Express at $447 per night.

It's not illegal in Idaho for hotels to raise prices - even this much - though it does feel opportunistic and like "price gauging."  Other say, it's simply capitalism and the reality of supply and demand.

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