As we were leaving church yesterday, part of me wanted to drive past a few of these locations to see just how much of a zoo the stands were as people scrambled to get their last minute eclipse glasses. 

On Sunday, Treasure Valley Dutch Bros locations ran an offer that if you purchased any drink, you would receive a pair of eclipse glasses for free. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for last minute eclipse lovers to grab their glasses.  In fact, so many people responded to the offer that the Meridian locations were sold out by 5:51 a.m. Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, if you got your glasses at any Dutch Bros location, you shouldn't use those today. According to a post on all of the Treasure Valley Dutch Bros Facebook pages, the company has decided to issue a full recall of those glasses.  In what I could only imagine was a very difficult post for the company to write, they explained that when they bought their glasses they received certification of ISO compliance from the manufacturer.  After looking into the glasses further, they're unsure of the certification and do not want any of their costumers to damage their eyes so they want to spread the message to NOT use Dutch Bros glasses to view the eclipse.

If you did receive a pair of their glasses, you can return them to the stand for a FREE drink of any size for your inconvenience.  We appreciate Dutch Bros' honesty and concern for their customers.

So...does that mean you don't have glasses for today? There's still a few last minute places to grab certified glasses.  Check out those locations HERE. 

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