How many Dutch Bros stamp cards do you have in your wallet...and your center console...and your desk drawer at work? Start collecting them, because after March 31, Treasure Valley Dutch Bros locations will no longer accept them. 

Coffee lovers on Dutch Bros mailing list were shocked when they saw the news in an e-mail with the subject line "Update on Stamp Cards!" If you've gone to Dutch Bros lately, you know that they haven't been handing out new stamp cards or stamping the ones you've got piling up in your vehicle. Bummer if you've been perpetually stuck one stamp away from your freebie, right?r

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Well, turn that frown upside down because you still have a few more months to score your free drink. In fact, it's even easier to score one during the final few weeks of the stamp card program. Right now, if you stop by Dutch with a stamp card that has at least six stamps on it, you can redeem if for a freebie. If you have one that has five or less stamps on it, you can still redeem it for 50% off a drink. Yes, even if you have ONE lonely little stamp, you still get 50% off.

The elimination of the stamp card program doesn't mean that Dutch Bros is going to stop hooking up. Instead, they're working on a digital rewards program that will work in harmony with their app. It's in the testing phase right now, but if you want to know when the new rewards program is ready to go you can click HERE to sign-up for notifications!


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