If you're the type of person who truly believes that the most dangerous drinking game is seeing how long you can go without that first cup of coffee, then this guide is for you! 

People living in the Treasure Valley are not shy when it comes to giving their opinion when it comes to the best restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops and other culinary destinations. In fact, there's a whole Facebook group dedicated to those sorts of opinions! (Bookmark that. You'll thank us later because it'll come in so handy on evenings when you're too tired to make a decision over where to go to dinner.)

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However, no one can come to a consensus over who the absolute BEST coffee shop in town is. We know folks that turn their nose up at anything that's not Starbucks. Others are in a committed relationship with Dutch Bros. Personally? Our loyalty is with a coffee shop that got its name from its Boise zip code.

But when it comes to popularity? Lyft can help settle the debate. They put together a list of the most visited coffee shops in their Boise service area based on the number of rides that have been requested to those destinations. Based on their passengers? These are the 10 coffee shops folks are visiting the most!

Get Your Caffeine Fix at the 10 Most Visited Coffee Shops in Boise

According to Lyft's city guide for Boise, these are the most visited coffee shops in Boise!

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Boise's Top 10 Most Visited Restaurants

According to Lyft's City Guides, these are the most visited restaurants in Boise based on the number of the requests they get for rides to these locations.

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