You can tell a lot about someone by their Starbucks order. You can also tell a lot about someone by where in Boise they live. There are certain things that attract us to both. Certain things that separate one neighborhood from the next, same goes with the drinks. While we love all of our neighborhoods in Boise, it's easy to identify little things that separate them from one another. You'll find a certain type of person in place A, but never B. Then some while be in B, but never A.  Today, we will identify these key characteristics in Boise neighborhoods and pair it with a coffee order from Starbucks.

Now, this isn't just my opinion. I've used date and science to make these matches. It's just a totally different kind of match making. One that won't leave you broken hearted. It'll only leave you satisfied and caffeinated. Use it to see what your order says about you. And take it as a matter of fact. This can also be useful if you're currently looking to move and don't know which Boise neighborhood you want, but you know you're a Caramel Macchiato person. Boom. You've found your neighborhood. Or, it can work the opposite way, too. You found your new neighborhood and you're all settled in. But you want to blend in with your community. Order what they're all ordering. This will help you find your drink to match your mood in your new community.

Get it while it's hot! Do you need a sleeve with that? Sorry, no straws.

Boise Neighborhoods As Starbucks Orders

What would your Boise neighborhood be as a Starbucks order? Your order can say a lot about you. Just as your town can say a lot about you and what you're looking for in a neighborhood. While we love all of our Boise neighborhoods, there are certain quirks and traits that make all of them unique and wonderfully different from one another. Just as Starbucks has lots of different orders to suit many different tastes. Today, we'll be breaking down the core characteristics of many Boise neighborhoods and finding a match with those characteristics in a Starbucks order. Let's get it while it's hot.

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