Did Boise get snubbed? 2022's best coffee cities in America were released from Wallethub.

According to Wallethub "to determine the best local coffee scenes in America, wallet, hub compare the 100th largest cities across 12 key indicators of a strong coffee culture. The data set ranges from coffee, shops, coffee houses, and cafés per capita to the average price per pack of coffee".

Surprisingly, not at number one Seattle. San Francisco is number one with an overall score of 63.53 followed by Seattle, Orlando, Honolulu, and Portland rounding out the top five.

Source: WalletHub

Do you think Boise has a better coffee scene and who else is on the list? Do you think Boise should be ranked higher than 36? My wife and I have been in Boise for about a month now and we've been to several different coffee shops. None of them have a large selection of beans you can purchase, so that is one thing I have found maybe we are lacking, but again we've only been here for a month and maybe I just haven't found the right coffee shop.

October 1, is National Coffee Day. You may not be surprised that American's consume the most coffee according to World Population Review. 

Top 5 Countries that drink the most coffee in the world (by 1000s of 60-lb bags of dry coffee beans consumed)

  1. United States - 27,310
  2. Germany - 8,670
  3. Japan - 7,551
  4. France - 6,192
  5. Italy -5,469

Get Your Caffeine Fix at the 10 Most Visited Coffee Shops in Boise

According to Lyft's city guide for Boise, these are the most visited coffee shops in Boise!

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