Thousands of people are planning trips and vacations to Sun Valley, Donnelly and Weiser to be in the path of totality when the solar eclipse makes it's way across the Gem State on August 21st.

If you were hoping to travel to get the best view of the eclipse, you're looking at astronomical prices for hotel rooms (if you can even get a reservation,) lack of available camping spaces and sitting in traffic for hours.  The Idaho Emergency Management Office is recommending that those planning to hit the road pack a gallon of water per day per person.

But what if you can't get away on August 21st? What if you don't want to deal with the headache of all the eclipse fans on Idaho roads? Then stay closer to home! Boise might not experience 100% totality, but the Vox Eclipse tracker says we'll be pretty close.  At just 3.7 miles outside of the eclipse's path, Bogus Basin will experience 99.6% totality and is planning their "99.6% Eclipsed Party."

During the party, Bogus Basin will have a limited quantity of eclipse glasses available for purchase ($3 a piece.)  Once you've got the proper eye wear, take your pick of where you want to watch the once in a life time eclipse: the base area or the Deer Point.  The Deer Point chair lift starts running at 8 a.m. on the 21st to take people up 7,070 feet in elevation to watch the moon block out the sun.

With how much haze is hanging over the Treasure Valley because of nearby wild fires, heading up to Bogus might be the best chance you'll have to enjoy clear skies in Boise on eclipse day.  Make sure you stick around afterwards to enjoy some summer tubing, the new rock wall and more of Bogus Basin's summer activities!

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