Thousands of visitors will be coming to Idaho for the best view of the solar eclipse August 21st. Now, there's a new way to determine exactly what time and how well you will see it. has created a tool that allows you input your zip code and determine how well you will be able to view the total eclipse. They also offer you the exact window of time that your area will view the eclipse and point you in the right direction if you want to grab the optimal view.

For example, if you live in Meridian, you could put your zip code of 83646 into their tool.  It gives you the result of seeing "a partial solar eclipse" (though that would be 99.6%).  The peak time would be 1:26:53 EDT (so adjusted for us 11:26:53 a.m.), and if I want to get the total eclipse, it recommends that I go 14 miles northeast.

There are other details and graphics that help you see how the entire country will experience the eclipse, and where you need to be to get inside the "totality" where the full experience will be possible.

You can try the tool and check for yourself at

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