Now you can plan your eclipse day.

So you couldn't get the day off to go check out the eclipse in Stanley. Don't worry, you're still in for an amazing experience here in the Treasure Valley. In fact, according to KTVB, Boise is 50 miles from the center of the path of totality. So you'll be able to see an amazing partial eclipse.

But what time should you tell your boss you're taking a 'break'? KTVB did some research and found the exact time the eclipse will start, be at its max, and end in your area:


Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:33.4
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:13.3
End of partial eclipse: 12:50:05.3

Idaho City

Start of partial eclipse: 10:11:08.5
Start of total eclipse: 11:27:30.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:55.1
End of total eclipse: 11:28:19.7
End of partial eclipse: 12:50:46.8


Start of partial eclipse: 10:11:41.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:53.0
End of partial eclipse: 12:49:57.5

Mountain Home

Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:47.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:53.9
End of partial eclipse: 12:51:13.3


Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:06.9
Start of total eclipse: 11:25:33.3
Maximum eclipse: 11:26:15.6
End of total eclipse: 11:26:58.1
End of partial eclipse: 12:48:37.8

Twin Falls

Start of partial eclipse: 10:11:47.3
Maximum eclipse: 11:29:43.2
End of partial eclipse: 12:53:45.9


Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:17.5
Start of total eclipse: 11:25:18.6
Maximum eclipse:  11:26:21.1
End of total eclipse: 11:27:23.8
End of partial eclipse: 12:48:34.9

Rare Partial Solar Eclipse Is Viewed Around The UK
Credit: Getty Images | Rob Stothard


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