Happy anniversary to everyone who got married on 7-7-07!  And there are still several good wedding dates left in 2020 for those who appreciate (okay, geek out about) numbers. Elitedaily.com said any date with a 2 in it is a popular wedding date this year, and we still have a few 2s and 20s left to book.  Although, with the pandemic and all of the postponed weddings, venues might be booked already and brides and grooms might get stuck with less noticeable 5s and 6s instead.

For those that want to sneak in some math, numbers that add up to twenty will be good wedding dates this year, like, 8-12-20. Creative brides and grooms can have a heyday. And maybe some guests will even want to keep a napkin because the date is just so darned scrapbook worthy.

The most popular wedding date of the year is supposed to be 10-10-20.  It's even, the tens add up to twenty, and it's a football score.  Could it be any more perfect?  Anyone who gets married that day is bound to live happily ever.  I'm single, and I totally want to book a venue to get married on 10-10-20 on the off chance that I'll have a fiancee by then. Book it, and he shall come, right?

7-20-20 will be a good date too, even if it's just the two of you getting hitched in the back yard, or on Zoom.  The pandemic may make it less than a dream wedding this year, but you'll always have the date.  Congrats.

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