Idaho has some of the best stretch of scenic highway in the entire country. It's perfect for a short trip up North to McCall or a jaunt down to South Eastern Idaho and see the land in all its beauty. Now you will be able to reach your destination a bit faster than before.

Alexander Milanese

The speed limit in Idaho has been for years under what most major freeways have been. Three Idaho highways are getting a boost. A 20 mile per hour boost. Where they used to be just 50 they will now get the bump up to 70. on U.S. 20, Idaho 22 and Idaho 28 after the Idaho Transportation Department determined that most drivers go between 70 and 80 mph on those roads. The ITD said the reason for the change in speeds? It will cut the number of accidents on the road each year. Either way if you are going fast...or just slowly putting along make sure to enjoy all that Idaho has to offer. - JD