Acting Governor Brad Little finally had to do it.  He just declared a State of Disaster Emergency for three more Idaho Counties.

Custer, Elmore, and Gooding counties have all declared because of the massive flooding.  We all knew this was coming and it feels like this is just the beginning.

The sun is out, we're in the 80's now and all this warm weather is melting the above normal snow pack we got from Snowpocalypse 2017.

Governor Little says...

“I have been watching the temperature change and hoping for a much slower increase in warm weather. The water in all these areas is rising rapidly causing devastation and creating danger for residents. It is also negatively affecting our state and local infrastructure,”


Blaine county declared a state of emergency on Sunday and Idaho now has 31 out of 44 counties that have either a county or state emergency declaration.

Governor Otter is out of state right now which is why Little has had to take the lead on this. Governor Otter and Little will be visiting areas having the most flood trouble this weekend.  Getting a first hand visual and talking straight to the people affected most is one of their goals when looking to get the help and assistance needed.

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