Good news if you are hoping to enjoy the scenery along the Greenbelt this long Independence Day Weekend:  Most of the Greenbelt has reopened.

The Boise River's insanely high, fast, and cold run over the last few months was at the verge of serious flooding numerous times, but over the last couple weeks, flows have come back down towards normal levels.

The water continues to run higher and faster than safe recreation levels, so there will not be any floating this long weekend, but most of the Greenbelt pathways are back open and ready to provide a beautiful shaded view.

Connell - Boise River

Most of the 25 miles of pathways are back in action for walkers, runners, bikers, and bladers (is rollerblading coming back?  I've seen a few lately).  All but 11 miles of the pathway had been closed due to the river surge.

The Boise Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments have been inspecting the entire 25 miles and making sure the path is stable and trees and riverbanks are safe.  There are five sections that are closed until repairs can be completed.  The City of Boise plans to spend 1.4 million dollars for repair, though that number could grow higher.

You can find out more on the damaged areas and plans for repair from our friends at KTVB Newschannel 7.



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