We've been sharing updated information about the unusually high Boise River flow this season.  At this point, there's no sign it's slowing and that is causing a ripple effect for other projects.

The river has been peaking over 9000 cubic feet per seconds during the day, and most of the Greenbelt, one of our areas most popular and beloved resources, has been closed with large sections under water.  The prediction from officials is that could be the status well mid or late summer.

As the water continues to run fast and high, it will continue to damage the Greenbelt.  Repair needs are being estimated between $200,000 and $300,000 at this point.  The City of Boise will need to use the Capital Improvement Project budget to cover repairs, but that money had been directed toward other projects and may be impacted or delayed due to the necessary Greenbelt repairs.

Some of the projects that may feel the effects are repairs at Idaho Ice World, expansion at the Library! at Hillcrest, and repair and upkeep projects at City Hall and the main Library! location.

For more on this story, see coverage from KBOI TV 2.


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