If you don't know what Cameo is, it's a service where ordinary people like us pay C to D list celebrities to send a video message to a friend. For the right amount of money, some celebrities will even do live calls. Each celebrity sets their own price, and they can range from $10 to $1000. Currently, Snoop Dogg charges $900, while Drew Brees is at $450. Lindsay Lohan charges $355, but Chumlee from Pawn Stars gets $85. Some of the notable stars include Tiger KinsCarole Baskins ($290), Sabrina's Melissa Joan Hart ($150), Dukes of Hazzard Star John Schnider ($300), and UFC legend Randy Couture ($50)


They make for great gifts if you want to say something to someone special, make an apology for canceling Thanksgiving, or even break up with someone like Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray did for someone last year.

Mark McGrath has become particularly good at delivering bad news. Last year he also fired someone!

Regardless of the message you want to send or who you want to send it to, there are three celebrities from Idaho that you can pay to deliver that message right now. Click on the name of each Idaho celebrity to see an example.

Jake Plummer
The Capital High graduate went on to star at Arizona State before having a successful NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos.

Brock Osweiler
Brock was born in Coeur d'Alene and played his college football at Arizona State. Then in just six NFL seasons, he managed to play with four different teams, including the Denver Broncos, with who he played twice.

Rumer Willis
The 32-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was raised in Hailey, near Sun Valley. She's fallen into the family business with roles in movies The House Bunny, Return To Sender, The Escort, Hello Again, and more recently Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. She's also been in reality shows like The Masked Singer and Dancing With The Stars.

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